Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count, Quick Remedy For Ick In aquariums


CLEARS ICK: Soothing conditioner that quickly clears ick, or white spot, on freshwater fish.
FIZZ TABS: Fast-dissolving, pre-measured tablets make caring for your aquarium easy.
PROTECTS FISH: Contains special ingredients to protect fish against secondary infections.


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Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count is here to help you quickly fight ick in aquariums.
Fishkeeping aficionados have been relying on the Tetra brand for goods that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their aquatic habitats for more than 50 years. Tetra has everything you need, whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or just getting started. From test kits and décor to an extensive selection of high-quality fish feeds and cutting-edge equipment,.

Tetra Ick Guard is a soothing conditioner designed to swiftly clear ick (Ichthyophthirius multifiliis), commonly known as white spot, in freshwater fish. Ick often occurs due to sudden fluctuations in aquarium water temperature or stress. Left untreated, ick can spread rapidly and prove fatal to your fish. This specialised formula includes added ingredients to shield fish from secondary infections.

Tetra Fizz Tabs are fast-dissolving, pre-measured tablets that simplify aquarium care, making maintenance quicker, easier, and more convenient. With this treatment, there’s no need to raise water temperatures in your aquarium.

Each pack contains 8 easy-to-use fizz tablets, suitable for all freshwater aquariums, treating tanks up to 80 gallons in size.

Key Features:

  • Clears Ick: Rapidly eliminates ick, or white spot, in freshwater fish.
  • Fizz Tabs: Quick-dissolving tablets for easy administration.
  • Protects Fish: Formulated with special ingredients to safeguard fish against secondary infections.
  • Fast and Safe: No need to raise water temperature—refer to the product label for complete instructions.
  • Usage: Treats up to 80 gallons of aquarium water.

Keep your aquarium inhabitants healthy and thriving with Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count.

Specification: Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count, Quick Remedy For Ick In aquariums


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Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count, Quick Remedy For Ick In aquariums
Tetra Ick Guard 8 Count, Quick Remedy For Ick In aquariums


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