Hikari Aquarium Solutions PraziPro – 1 gallon


Won’t Negatively Impact Biological Filtration
Can Be Used As A Preventative
Non-toxic To Commonly Kept Aquarium Animals Or Plants


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The world’s first ready-to-use liquid praziquantel treatment is now available in a handy 1-gallon size: Hikari Aquarium Solutions PraziPro! Crafted with care, PraziPro provides enthusiasts with an effective and hassle-free way to get rid of unwanted parasites in freshwater, marine, or pond aquariums. This novel solution is incredibly safe and efficient, providing quick control without negatively impacting your biological filtration. Include Liquid PraziPro in your aquarium routine right now to wave goodbye to bothersome pond visitors!


  • Use 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons or 1 oz per 120 gallons.
  • 4 oz treats 480 gallons.
  • 16 oz. treats 1920 gallons.
  • 1 gallon treats 15360 gallons.

Key Features:

  • Preserves Organic filter Integrity
  • Can Serve as a Preventative Measure
  • Safe for Commonly Kept Aquarium Fauna and Flora
  • Ideal for Combating Conditions Caused by Flukes, Tapeworms, Flatworms, and Turbellarians

Specification: Hikari Aquarium Solutions PraziPro – 1 gallon


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Hikari Aquarium Solutions PraziPro – 1 gallon
Hikari Aquarium Solutions PraziPro – 1 gallon


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