Cupramine 50 ml


Buffered active copper
Effective against external parasites
For marine and freshwater use


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Here’s Cupramine 50 mL, a super-efficient way to fight off different ectoparasites in freshwater and marine fish. Comparing cupramine to traditional copper-based medicines, cupramine offers superior performance and safety. Its buffered active copper formulation effectively targets parasites such as Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, and Ichthyophthirius while being less toxic to fish and remaining in solution without contaminating the filter bed. Unlike chelates, cupramine is fully charged and active at low concentrations, providing a more than four-fold concentration gap between its minimum therapeutic dose and toxic levels. Furthermore, cupramine is easily removable with chemical filtration, making it highly suitable for both freshwater and marine environments. However, it is crucial to note that cupramine is recommended solely for the treatment of certain diseases in marine and freshwater fish and is not suitable for use in aquariums containing invertebrates, corals, crustaceans, or elasmobranchs. For treating external parasites in fish, Cupramine is a very safe and effective solution because of its buffered active copper composition.

Specification: Cupramine 50 ml


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